Successful and confident YOU

You’ve worked too hard to have Blah photos for your work. You now have a roadmap for your personal branding thanks to your effort in your Personal Branding Workbook.

I can help you move from feeling lost to feeling ready to step into a new way of owning your professional image.

Claim your free 1:1 consultation with me so that you get exactly what you need.

We’ll discuss:

  • Your style and colour preferences; what makes you look gorgeous
  • Your personality and personal values; how you can feel your best at a shoot
  • How to “balance” your look so you photograph exactly as you are: beautiful & professional
  • Ideal shoot locations
  •  Wardrobe ideas & inspiration
  • Your personal branding goals and how photos can help
  • Any questions you have about facial features, body shyness or general apprehension about getting in front of the camera. I’ve got a trick for almost everything so every shot is lovely.

This is about you; to help you get from where you are to now to where you want to go.

Claim your {free} 1:1 consultation