being greedy and being practical

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Shopping is never a rational exercise for me. When I go out to get something specific I more or less end up coming home empty handed. Only when I go shopping with truly ‘open mind’ – I just want to shop the world (pure greed)! – I come home all very happy and fuzzy with shopping bags in my hands. This black top from Sussan was the result of me being very greedy.

  • I really didn’t need it.
  • I didn’t know how I’d wear it.
  • I didn’t even have (so I thought) anything to go with it.
  • I just liked and coveted that silvery things.

Came home while showing off my new acquisition to my enthusiastic guy I knew deep down that this lovely top would not see the light of the day. It’s lovely. Nice delicate fabric. Really cool metal mashing. Rock and roll but sophisticated. It would get my glad look everyday as it was hung in my wardrobe amongst my daily stuff but never being worn.

A few days ago, we were going out to see Drum Tao. This has been a concert I’ve been waiting for quite a while and I really wanted to wear something hip instead of my usual attire. I pulled out my top that was only getting my glad eye for weeks. The problem was that it was too short to wear it alone – my bum cheeks will come out every step. It made me look like being pregnant when I paired it with regular jeans. What I needed was a micro mini skirt with a funky belt. But I do NOT have a micro mini skirt! Only having about 20 minutes to prepare I couldn’t really make a skirt no matter how mini it was.

What I had was though a black cotton tube. Aha! I slipped my body into the tube. Instead of going all the way up to my chest I stopped right at my hip and looked in the mirror. Voila Instant mini! And I had everything else ready.

  • Funky belt – Antik Denim, DJ Premium
  • Stiletto boots – Wittner shoes, Melbourne
  • Jacket with motorcycle cut arms – H&M, Paris

I felt great. Everything worked in my mind. Being greedy wasn’t too bad. I now know that I could wear a micro mini which is also a tube. I think I could also try this with super skinny (or even leather) jeans but I don’t have a pair. Maybe I should get one… when my shopping ban is lifted*.

*it is a self imposed ban and I do NOT suffer from ‘shopaholism’. **
** Did someone say acknowledgement is the start of the recovery?


the jacket

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