Behind the Scene Photography of World’s Greatest Shave

By March 5, 2014blog, Business, Journal

Donating my time for a charity is one of the joys of being a photographer. Believe it or not, I do enjoy volunteering. Obviously, it does not mean that I’m available on demand. I do pick and choose with whom I work.

Another great thing about doing what I do is getting to meet fabulous people. Such was the case yesterday when I got to meet Jarryd (cool dude with a kind heart) at Tryst for Hair. Caroline, who is preparing to shave all her hair off for the World’s Greatest Shave, was there getting her hair cut and dyed before the actual shave to garner more interest and donation.

Behind the scene photography, to my mind, is great for such a cause because:

  • we can see that there are more people involved to help one ‘shaver’
  • get to see personalities via candid shots
  • find out what’s really involved (2-3 hours of professional services donated)
  • adds more interests to the story

I’m sure there are more benefits I could list but I’ll stop there and I’ll let you enjoy the behind he scene photos of Caroline getting transformed by the hands of skilful hair stylist, Jarryd.

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