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Every woman feels insecure. This very generalised statement seems not very far off from the truth. This morning, I watched a TEDx talk by Cameron Russell who has been a super model for over a decade. Even she came out and said, despite all her lucky genes (her words), she feels insecure about how she looks. Most of us understand that even the most beautiful woman could feel that way. Knowing all that doesn’t make us happy or confident about how we look. Actually, it rarely works that way. 

However, these ladies told us that coming to the studio and having a photo shoot was a great way to boost their confidence. That’s because they realise they also could look like a super model given there’s a team of specialists whose job is to make ladies look beautiful. Some ladies refer to that as magical. I’m almost sorry to say this but there is no magic in this.

I have a great team of creatives who share the same vision: makeup artists, a hair stylist and a fashion stylist. I try to have my full team of three in as many sessions as possible. I send big thanks and kisses to them for this month’s Before & After images.

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