– Songy Knox, Your Personal Brand Coach 



A personal brand playbook

This is a book for women who want to create a strong brand to grow their business. In this book, I share my (never before shared) journey from I’m not a brand  to being invited as a Personal Brand expert speaker and presenter.

Songy has written the ultimate personal brand guide for professionals. Implementing her practical wisdom will ensure your expertise is valued.
Louise Karch
Author of Word Glue: Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name
Here are some of the highlights of the book:
  • Words count of over 42,000 spread over fourteen chapters
  • Experts (both male and female) who appear in these pages: Nearly thirty
  • Fearless female client stories: More than a dozen
  • Radically-transparent life stories from yours truly: All the way through
  • Incubation period creating this book: More than a year / an entire lifetime
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