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Authenticity as a daily practice

How do you define authenticity when you think about wanting to show up as “authentically you”?

One of my favourite authors, Peter Block, defines it as:

“Being honest with yourself and being honest and direct with others.”

To me, it is the most direct and no-fluff definition that I strive to stick to.

Yes, we don’t simply decide to be authentic for marketing purposes and turn that off it for the rest of the time.

If branding requires consistency, it also demands us to be authentic along the way.

Once you’re deeply aware of the values you live by, daily decision making effectively becomes a series of moments to practice being authentic.

I challenge you to stop your autopilot – you know the kind in which you’re merely performing various tasks while your mind is absent – and pay attention to if you’re being honest with yourself.

Personally, what I found out was:

How I fool myself often thinking I’m being honest when I am not

How much of my time is spent being on autopilot

The ripple effects created by intentional/authentic decision making vs. havoc caused by emotional reactions.

While I could dive deep and talk about this endlessly until the cows come home. For this little post, however, I would like to invite you to practice being authentic for a day or two and see what you notice.


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