Amy’s Before & After

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This is Amy’s BEFORE Website screen capture – She had a nice photograph done in NYC.


Amy and I work together. She is in New Jersey and I’m in Perth (as most of you know).

That was NOT going to stop me from helping Amy out with her personal branding.

She downloaded my Personal Branding Insights Workbook, had a Zoom call with me and I coached her on how to capture the best images using her mobile phone (oh yeah!).

And here’s the result (link opens the full page)

And what does Amy have to say about the result?

I adore it.
It is feeling really good. Energetically I feel a weight lifted.


My point is this:

  • Anyone can take a good photo (heck, her BEFORE photo is a great photo).
  • It’s about presenting yourself in a way that is SO you (her BEFORE photo was someone else)
  • You need to present more of you in a way that makes you feel awesome (you know that others always see and respond well to the awesome you)

You don’t just need good photos for your personal brand.
What you need is a set of photos that represent your personality.


It all starts with a conversation.

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