Accessories – Your awesomeness lies within

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ODIN Even when you had two eyes you were only seeing half the picture.
THOR She’s too strong. Without my hammer I cannot –
ODIN Are you Thor, God of Hammers?
ODIN (cont’d) That hammer helped you control your power, focus it. But it was never the source of your strength.
THOR It’s too late. She’s already taken Asgard.
ODIN Asgard is not a place. Never has been. (gestures around him) This could be Asgard. It is wherever our people stand. And right now those people need you.
THOR I’m not as strong as you.
ODIN No. You’re stronger.
(excerpt from Thor: Ragnarok 2017)


I’ll be _____ if only/when ___________.

Put your favourite excuses in the blanks.

I hear people say
I’ll be happy when I have lost 10kg.
I’ll be happy when I have those Louboutins.
I’ll look great when I have another round of fillers.

If you need to
shed excess weight,
buy a luxury bag or shoes
get cosmetic treatments
by all means, go ahead.

Let’s be clear, however.

They may amplify and help control your personal brand.
But they are not your awesomeness.

Your awesomeness is within you.

Why don’t you go without your hammers today.

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