3 Steps to Personal Branding

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I must admit that I tend to capture my favourite kind of images when my client isn’t looking directly at the camera. ⠀

This wouldn’t normally be the kind of image she could use professionally. After all, she is a corporate recruitment manager for WA and NT. This isn’t the kind of image clients sign up with me to get. But I like it because, underneath her lovely calm exterior, I know there is so much more.

My client, Lezly D’Limi – Recruitment Leader and I spent just over a month getting ready for this very moment. ⠀

Establishing a personal brand doesn’t simply involve getting hair and makeup done to make you look ___________ (pretty or whatever you want to put in the blank).⠀

Broadly, it’s a 3-Step process: ⠀

It requires exerting the emotional labour of ↙️⠀

🌻 honouring the past, ⠀
🌻 acknowledging the present, and ⠀
🌻 envisioning the future⠀

I would like to say it is a simple process but that ain’t the case. It’s work, but it’s absolutely worth it and you do not do it alone. I’m here every step of the way as your guide to take you on that journey of discovery, healing and integration. 🚨⠀

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