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3 Steps to Beat your Fear of Judgement

What is the biggest hurdle you have in becoming visible to market your work?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re a successful business owner, a C-level executive or a complete newbie starting out.

For most people, it’s their fear of judgement.

Fear of judgement is the number one reason why women often stay invisible and hide.

They hide behind stock photos, they focus obsessively on logo design and brand visual identity, and they never think about putting their own photos forward.

Let me tell you this. I had exactly the same fear.

So how did I move away from that very same fear and go on to serve so many clients?

I want to share three simple steps you can take to move forward to become more visible.

This is what I call the IOI process, which is short for the Inside-Outside-Inside process. Watch the clip and find out more.

You’ll want to spend some time thinking about what I shared in the video and write your thoughts down. Once you do that, it becomes easier moving forward. These are the very steps each of my clients go through to beat the fear of judgement that holds so many women back.

It may sound complicated but I promise you that, just like everything, repetition makes it permanent. Each time you feel resistance, you just remember IOI.

See you next time!

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