2014 What a great year

By December 31, 2014blog

It has not been an easy year. Deciding to go after what made me happy seemed like the most selfish thing to do. Giving up a fat monthly pay cheque was the biggest decision I had to make in years. What ensued as a result of that decision wasn’t something one could easily predict.


Of course, there were the usual suspects such as self-doubt, financial uncertainty and loneliness. But then again, there were truly awesome things that happened to me. It all began with my decision to focus my energy capturing the beauty of everyday women. So far, about 30 women have experienced the makeover photo shoots in my Glam Studio – 1930’s house filled with gorgeous natural light. The stories we shared, the relationships I had and the images I produced have been priceless. I’m eternally grateful for the ladies who trusted me to show their vulnerability in front of my camera. Without that trust I could not have been able to produce such wonderful images – seeing and capturing the beauty that they don’t see in themselves.

So I can proudly say it has been a great year. I cannot wait to meet all of the ladies I plan to photograph in 2015. There will be tears of joy, frustration and pain along the way but it’s all part of the road to fulfilment, I’m sure. I invite you to join me in celebrating the past year while looking forward to all of the new adventures yet to come.

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