Put your best photos forward.

Experience the change in the way the world sees you & how you see yourself.


” Songy’s warm approach, the trust was built instantly and she just made the whole session more fun and more relaxed.” – Winnie Driscoll, CPA & Author

Is that you?

Who you are and what you do are often inseparable and, as a result, you pour your heart and soul into your work. Your clients come to you because you bring your own personal magic to everything you do.

So your marketing images, do they show your passion for your work? How effective are they telling your story?

I see you

I believe we can effectively tell our stories when we are empowered. I’ve experienced the power of my photographs – what beautiful images can do for my clients and what they can achieve after feeling empowered.

I’m here for you. This is my story. What is yours?

Capturing your essence starts from inner then outer.

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You need branding photos because you want to...

Look good

You too can look great with a team of professionals. My team and I are experts in making people look good. 

Feel successful

Getting professional photos is a mark of you stepping up. You will attract ideal clients with professional images.

Be real

You would like to look better and perhaps a few years younger but not in a ‘fakery’ kind of way. You want to look real, true and relatable. Yes, authentic.

Get connected

You want to reach out to your ideal clients. By simply levelling up you are getting one step closer to achieving that goal.

Gain respect

You want to be taken seriously while not looking serious. You know your stuff and you want to show that to the world. No more hiding behind some stock photos and generic graphics.

Be confident

Your shoot is personalised for you. Each session is different. The one thing that is common? You feel empowered. That's what every client tells me.

The authority that professional photographs will give your business and brand image is tremendous – it catapults the perception of your business to new heights. You'll attract more of your ideal clients. It's a no brainer. Totally worth your investment and more.

Vicky MurgatroydCoach for coaches

Success Stories

Amy McGlinn

Amy is a copywriter based in New Jersey, in the USA. She has gone through my signature personal branding process to achieve the current website and personal brand attracting more clients that she want to work with.

Amy’s Story

Mother of two wanted to launch her business in earnest. At first she thought she had to look ‘corporate’ to look professional. I empowered her to show up as she is. Read more on her Before & After.

Visit Amy's Website

Sabina Ibrahimbegovic

Classical guitar tutor, Sabina, came to me to capture her essence to feature in her new website. All started with our conversation and the result was spectacular.

Sabina’s Story

Sabina already experienced a photo shoot before she came to me. What surprised her was the fact that I wanted to find out who she was before I booked her in for a photo shoot. Her images are poetic and romantic as she is.. how did I capture that? By asking questions and having conversations.

Read Sabina's Story

Karen Murphy

Karen is a wellness practitioner specialised in stress and anxiety management. She is a qualified kinesiologist and currently based in the UK.

Karen’s Story

Walking away from being a manager at a large school, to helping her clients to achieve spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Read Karen's story

Leanne Lisbon

Leanne is Food Relationship & Weight Loss Coach. She is based in Perth.

Leanne’s Story

Tremendous insights gained through her weight loss, she is helping others to do the same.

Read Leanne's story

Vicky Murgatroyd

the Life Empowerment Project (Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching)

Vicky specialises in entrepreneurship for wellness practitioners and personal & business coaching.

Vicky’s Story

Her caring and hold-no-punches approach has helped so many coaches. As a result, she has a growing team and serves clients all over Australia.

Read Vicky's story

Alison Blake

Strategic Support (Business Consultant & Strategic Consultant specialised in National Disability Insurance Scheme)

Alison’s Story

When she left the government job to become her own boss, my suggestion to bring her front and centre was a big surprise for her. She told me recently it was the best advice she had.

Read Alison's story

She was nervous just like you

I’m just like you and I know the terror of stepping in front me the camera. Don’t let that fear hold you back.

“I always feel so nervous in front of camera.
With the Songy's professional and warm approach, the trust was built instantly and she just made the whole session more fun and more relaxed.”

Winnie DriscollCPA & Author of personal finance book

“The way Songy approached our initial conversations made me confident not only of her skills as a photographer but also that she understood and respected my vulnerabilities, and supported my sense of business identity/style. She helped me relax and even enjoy it.”

Alison BlakeConsultant

“Absolutely amazing! Songy makes you feel so relaxed in front of the camera, and her images are absolutely stunning. She is so creative and has such a good eye. I am so happy with my photos, definitely a great investment not only for my branding but for myself.”

Jenny O'Brien

“Songy and her team made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed it! With professional photos, it just made me feel more confident in my business and when referring people to my site. ”

Karen MurphyWellness Practionner

“Although having photos taken is something I usually dread deeply, Songy made me feel absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. She just took charge of every aspect and made it incredibly easy and enjoyable for me!”

Vicky MurgatroydEntrepreneurship & Business Coaching

“I was pretty nervous and I worried about whether I would be able to do it or not. In the end, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Songy took over everything – in a good way. She made me feel very comfortable, taking care of every detail including clothing and styling. Songy gave great directions about where and how to stand, where to look. Everything.”

Leanne LisbonMind over Muffin (Food Relationship & Weight Loss Expert)

Do some competitive analysis and then look at the leaders in your field. Assess their images on their platforms and collateral. You need to match their level of polish and sophistication in terms of projecting a business image.

Alison BlakeNDIS & Organisational Policy Consultant
What happens before your photo shoot

The Preparation

Our personalised comprehensive branding photography service is designed to boost your confidence with:


Personal Colour Analysis

Personalised colour palette to guide your personal and visual branding

Fashion Styling

Styling based on your personality, your work and personal colour palette

Let's have a chat

Consultation designed to see, understand and get to know you and your work


Location scouting that reflects your personality and your work
On the day of the photo shoot and beyond

Photo Shoot & Delivery


Makeup and Hair

Making you look and feel exquisite with makeup which is based on your personal colour palette and professional hair styling.

Shoot sequencing

While you are getting pampered, my team and I plan the sequence of your shoot (your outfit changes).

Photo Shoot

Music, props, backdrop, location all set and ready to go and the high energy photo shoot commences.

After your photo shoot

Once the shoot is wrapped up, I'll prepare your photos and deliver a set of images for you to review within five business days.

Final Delivery

Once you're happy with the photographs, images are delivered in two different resolutions (medium and high resolution) for you via online file delivery services.

I would say to women in business that rebranding is an ever-evolving aspect of business and it’s great to work with someone who knows your needs and understands what you want.

Leanne LisbonWeight Loss Coach
My Own Story

Terror to Revolution

Twenty odd years ago, I was a Fine Arts graduate in Seoul. Five years ago, I was a star performer in corporate Australia, managing teams, leading change, making buckets of money. And miserable. I needed to get out. Feel fulfilled? I didn’t know. That’s where my real story begins.

In 2008, I picked up a camera and started looking at the world in a different way. First it was fashion shows. I blogged about them. Shared and people shared with me. That’s when I knew what was missing from my work-life. Connection. I got hooked. So hooked that in 2010, Perth’s Sunday Times featured my blog as the one to watch out for during Perth Fashion Festival. My camera became my tool of connection and photography blossomed bigger than a nice secure job with a six-figure income. I walked out into the unknown to begin a photography business and it was terrifying.

Was I good enough to be a professional photographer? Was I smart enough to run a business? Would I be one of those thousands who went solo and failed? I had all those doubts. I began photographing women (and occasionally men), and I learned their stories. My photographs told their stories, while I remained hidden behind the lens. IMPOSTER!

The more stories I heard, the more I realised how connected we all are. There’s no need to hide. We do the work together. It’s as beautifully life-changing, empowering and inspiring for me as it is for my clients. Just ask them! That’s my life now, and that’s how I inspire and empower myself – giving power to those I work with. Come join us. Connect. Share. Empower and be empowered.


What now?

Your decision

You overcome your fear and camera shyness with my help, you’ll have photos of you that you’re:

thrilled about

happy to put forward as your extension

excited to use to promote your identity and business.

Fear holding you back?

I invite you to join us, empowered independent and capable women who danced with that same fear and got the result they wanted. I’m here for you.

Your next step

Let’s start the conversation