I will help you become confident to be the face of your business

  • Learn to show up authentically not just professionally

  • Transform the way you see yourself

  • Put your best photo forward

  • Grow your business.

better looking websites
Better social media feed
Great looking marketing materials
My Own Story

Terror to Revolution

Was I good enough to be a professional photographer? Was I smart enough to run a business? Would I be one of those thousands who went solo and failed? I had all those doubts. I began photographing women (and occasionally men), and I learned their stories. My photographs told their stories, while I remained hidden behind the lens. IMPOSTER!

The more stories I heard, the more I realised how connected we all are. There’s no need to hide. We do the work together. It’s as beautifully life-changing, empowering and inspiring for me as it is for my clients. Just ask them! That’s my life now, and that’s how I inspire and empower myself – giving power to those I work with. Come join us. Connect. Share. Empower and be empowered.

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Does it sound familiar?

Are you hiding behind the business or are you the face of your brand?

  • Competitors run circles around you with better marketing photos.
  • No one knows about your business – your gift to the world.
  • Do you struggle to find suitable images for your marketing materials?
  • You think that you look awkward in all your photos.
  • Your other photographer didn’t really give you images you need and want.
  • Is your inner critic stopping you from showing up in the market place?

You’ve worked too hard to have weak photos. Face these truths.

Your visibility is more important than your ability.

…visibility increases your credibility.

a better brand = better clients = a better, more profitable business.

Peter Montoya
The Author of “the Brand Called You”

Get to know yourself

Understand your personal preferences and the values you bring to the world.

Learn to look & feel great

Show up with confidence with tips and tricks to look and feel at your best.

Become who you really are

You’ll get to embody your values and the gift you’re bringing to the world. All that captured in your photos.

No need to let your fear stop you.

I developed a structured and easy to follow process to help you
Create Amazing Personal Brand

Starts with understanding you

3 Powerful Steps

This simple and powerful framework has been used to photograph countless business women creating amazing results.


Get to know yourself better

Your values, strengths and understand the people you seek to serve. Get to learn and leverage how others perceive you already (in a good way).

Learn to become stylish

Get expert advice on how to look your best starting with colour and fashion styling.

Become the face of your brand

Ready, set and go. You embody your brand and get photographed by me. The result is a set of images that you'd be proud to use as the extension of yourself.

The Packages

Coaching + Photos + ImplementationMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month
  • Personal/Visual Brand Coaching
  • Styling
  • Photo Shoot
  • Implementation Mentoring

This is perfect for you if you’re getting ready to launch a business. This is the most comprehensive package combining personal branding primer coaching sessions as well as the mentoring for implementing your branding into your new business. The result is having a solid foundation saving you time and money. You’re guided from the start to finish to launch an impactful brand and business.

Coaching + Photos

$ 99

Per Month
  • Personal Brand Coaching
  • Styling
  • Photo Shoot

Perfect for business owners for creating powerful images for the website, social media feed, lead magnets and online products. Find out more by visiting the photos package information page. This package is perfect for you if you already launched a business and looking to solidify and refresh.


$ 99

Per Month
  • Styling
  • Photo Shoot

This is perfect for you if you already have a clear direction for your personal branding and marketing. You’ll get to work with the team of specialists to bring your vision to reality for your personal branding images.

Capturing your essence starts from inner then outer.

Receive Your FREE Personal Branding Insights Workbook.

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The Results – Photos representing who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business


The Results – Photos representing who you are and what you do so that you can grow your business


What Clients Are Saying About The Experience

“I am the most un-photogenic person there is but today Songy got so many good photos. Songy’s directions made the photo shoot so simple! Just go and do it. It’s so worth it!”

Sally Friday
Rebel Hearts Co.

“I needed brand images representing funky, fun & smart personality… Songy’s abilities to use natural texture and light in NGV (Melbourne) to frame me was extraordinary. The quality of images is exceptional!”

Louise Karch
Author of WordGlue

“I would not have worn any of those colours if it wasn’t for Songy’s direction. Now I have personal branding established”.

Project Potential Coaching

Work with Personal Brand Specialist

What Makes Us So Different?

When it comes to talking about personal branding photos, many photographers (and clients) don’t know what they are and where to start. Our Branding Package helps clients understand the value they bring to the market place and how to represent themselves so they can show who they are in such a way people pay attention when they show up and market their work.

With your Photos Package

Included in the package

Personal Brand / Marketing Message Coaching

All our branding package clients receive a coaching session on personal branding before the photo shoot.

Fashion Styling

With years of experience photographing women & fashion, this is where our speciality shines. Don't have a huge wardrobe? Not to worry as We Do!
My professional stylist will assist you to get the best version of yourself captured for your photo shoot.

Professional Makeup and Hair

Get the naturally beautiful hair & makeup look you see in the gallery. There are specific styles that I use for all my branding clients. Do you like what you see? That's what you can expect for your own photos.

Personal Branding Clients and Their Websites

It’s your turn!

I’m just like you and I know the terror of stepping in front me the camera. Don’t let that fear hold you back.
Winnie DriscollCPA & Author

I always feel so nervous in front of camera.
With the Songy's professional and warm approach, the trust was built instantly and she just made the whole session more fun and more relaxed.

Jenny O'BrienCoach

Absolutely amazing! Songy makes you feel so relaxed in front of the camera, and her images are absolutely stunning. She is so creative and has such a good eye. I am so happy with my photos, definitely a great investment not only for my branding but for myself.

Theresa KiddPsychologist

Songy provides a creative journey which begins with discovering who she is photographing, accumulating and sharing her ideas before the day and of course implementing her talent as a photographer to produce spectacular photos. I highly recommend Songy.

Karen MurphyWellness Coach

Songy and her team made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed it! With professional photos, it just made me feel more confident in my business and when referring people to my site.

Vicky MurgatroydBusiness Coach

Although having photos taken is something I usually dread deeply, Songy made me feel absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. She just took charge of every aspect and made it incredibly easy and enjoyable for me!

Leanne LisbonHealth Coach

I was pretty nervous and I worried about whether I would be able to do it or not. In the end, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Songy took over everything – in a good way. She made me feel very comfortable, taking care of every detail including clothing and styling. Songy gave great directions about where and how to stand, where to look. Everything.

What now?

Your decision

You overcome your fear and camera shyness with my help, you’ll have photos of you that you’re:

thrilled about

happy to put forward as your extension

excited to use to promote your identity and business.

Fear holding you back?

I invite you to join us, empowered independent and capable women who danced with that same fear and got the result they wanted. I’m here for you.

Your next step

Request your FREE Personal Branding Consultation

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