You need professional branding photography because:

  • want to go solo or you’ve already made the leap since you’ve had enough of the 9-5 life.
  • want something different for your professional headshots
  • because you have ‘the goods’ – services, skills or products to offer so you decide to launch a business.
  • Do you already have a business and you need to ‘refresh’ your brand?
  • Perhaps you’re not representing yourself and the business in the best light.
  • You’re changing the direction of your business and because of that you need to attract new customers.

I’m here to tell you that you and your lifestyle is the brand that you need to promote visually. Photos of yourself for your business are often the best promotional tools that connect you to your customers.


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Learn More About Branding Photography

In order to assist you I started writing…

I decided to start writing information pieces to assist you. Rather than trying to wait for the perfect moment to update this page completely I thought I’d share as I write more.

What is branding photography?

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How Professional Branding Photos are Used

See how my clients who own consulting and wellness businesses used their branding images.

Business branding photographed used in website Image Intelligence - Executive Coaching in Perth

Rebranding photo shoot for Narelle’s existing consulting business

Business branding photos used in the website Strategic Support Perth NDIS Consultant

Photo shoot for Alison’s new consulting business

Branding portrait photo used in Personal Analysis - Business and Personal Coaching Perth Website

Deb and Kate’s existing business getting much needed fresh photos of the business owners

Lifestyle Branding Photos of Mind over Muffin, Food relationship and weight loss expert in Perth
Rebranding lifestyle photos for Leanne’s existing business

Lifestyle Branding Photography used for Karen Murphy Wellness in Perth
Photo shoot for Karen’s wellness consulting. She has subsequently rebranded her business in the UK and used the same photos from our initial photo shoot in Perth.

Screen capture of website using lifestyle branding photographs taken by Songy Knox in Perth
Vicky’s new website using new lifestyle photos taken recently in Northbridge, Perth.

Sill not convinced?

We often hear clients saying:

  • I don’t look good in photos
  • Sometimes I feel like crying when looking at photos of myself
  • Hate being in front of a camera
  • People might think I’m self-indulgent or vain.

Most people worry about getting photographed. But you also know that you need to have the courage – smash that fear and dread – because you have to do it for your business to succeed.

Here’s a helping hand. Real stories from women in business. Read their stories below. They beat their own self-defeating anxiety and now use professional photos to represent and market their business.

Testimonials from Branding Photography Clients

I asked my clients two questions:

  • What were your thoughts when you finally decided to get your photos done?

  • What would be your advice for other women in business with fear and dread about getting photos done?

Karen Murphy, Wellness Expert

I was nervous about having my pictures taken and a bit shy having them taken in public but Songy and her team made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed it!

Definitely get your pictures done with Songy because it makes your website look so much more professional. I also love how the pictures turned out and it just made me feel more confident in my business and when referring people to my site. Also think clients want to see who they are going to be working with, and to get to know you first.

Vicky Murgatroyd, the Life Empowerment Project (Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching)

I decided to work with Songy after seeing some of the amazing shots she had produced for other women, and although having photos taken is something I usually dread deeply, Songy made me feel absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. She had an amazing eye for detail and was amazing at suggesting just the right outfit/location/style of shot so that all the shots came out amazingly well.  I felt super confident going into the shoot as everything was so well organised in advance and Songy just took charge of every aspect and made it incredibly easy and enjoyable for me!

For any woman in business that is hesitating to get photos done professionally, it’s time to step up! The authority that professionally done photographs will give your business and brand image is worth 10x of the investment – it really will catapult the perception of your business to new heights and have you signing amazing new clients left, right and centre!

Leanne Lisbon, Mind over Muffin (Food Relationship & Weight Loss Expert)

We needed photos for re-branding my website and to help better connect with my customers. I wanted photos that would reflect my personality and tell customers who I am. On the day of the shoot I was pretty nervous and I worried about whether I would be able to do it or not. In the end, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Songy took over everything – in a good way. She made me feel very comfortable, taking care of every detail including clothing and styling. Songy gave great directions about where and how to stand, where to look. Everything.

I would say to women in business that rebranding is an ever-evolving aspect of business and it’s great to work with someone who knows your needs and understands what you want. I would definitely use Songy again.

Alison Blake, Strategic Support (Business Consultant specialised in National Disability Insurance Scheme)

I was apprehensive. My work relies heavily on me being readily identifiable and my business will succeed or fail on that basis. I value being an authentic real person and didn’t want to look like a glossy version of myself but equally wanted to look professional. Rarely I get good pictures and often look a little startled in posed shots. Initially I thought it was going to be really hard to get the essence of me and project credibility. As uncomfortable as I was though, I just had to do it.

The way Songy approached our initial conversations made me confident not only of her skills as a photographer but also that she understood and respected my vulnerabilities, and supported my sense of business identity/style.

She helped me relax and even enjoy it.

I’ve used the images Songy produced across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and used them in other promotional materials. The strong cover image is part of my brand and is proving most useful in developing my business identity.

The feedback about the professionalism of the website and the photographs has been really positive and has reinforced that my decision to get professional photographs was the right way to go.

Handy Advice from Alison

General Advice for fellow women in business

Do some competitive analysis and then look at the leaders in your field. Assess their images on their platforms and collateral. You need to match their level of polish and sophistication in terms of projecting a business image.

Good photos mean more than you looking good. The lighting, backdrop, clarity of focus, composition and of course the subject all contribute. Professional photos provide more than a sum of the parts. For example, I needed a “community feel” and that was reflected in the locations, infrastructure and props selected by Songy.

It’s also important to discuss your motivations and intentions in terms of what the shoot is for and how you intend to use the images. For me, images are an integral part my brand and the way they have been taken provides me with a suite of images that can be used flexibly across platforms.

Tips for approaching your photo shoot

  • you are allowed to offer your ideas on what you would like. Songy’s invitation to provide examples of what I liked was really useful in getting the right finished product.
  • Make sure you get advice on colour and clothing and styles that will help define the right look and feel for your photos. Make sure you explain any colours, styles, tones that you particularly like or don’t like. I like clean lines, navy blue and honest real images. Songy took that and worked wonders.
  • Also, discuss the makeup and hair style before the shoot. Better still, send in some photos showing your preferred hair/makeup styles.
  • Talk to Songy about your fears and also any sensitivities you might have about your appearance. Trust her. I did and I was delighted.

The bottom line

  • It’s not as bad as you imagine. Nothing ever is, really. You knew that already, right?

  • Every client I worked with all said the same thing at the end – “It was so much fun”.

  • Professional images are invaluable for your business. They represent an authentic YOU.

  • Last but not least, afterwards you feel more confident about yourself and your work.

About Songy Knox

Songy Knox has had a love of art ever since she was a very small child. Her first memories are of painting and drawing. She won plenty of art awards, went to an ‘arts’ high school and did Fine Arts at university. Songy’s photography is an extension of her life-long love of artistic beauty. Although she’s had a camera in her hands since she was a kid, her professional photography began with fashion runway shoots. With a strong body of work in fashion, Songy ventured into photographing women who were not fashion models. This is where she found her purpose – working with women from all walks of life and showing that every woman is a beautiful work of art.

She believes in creating beautiful images for everyone whether they are for business or otherwise.

Are you ready?

Get in touch! Songy will work through the process of making photos that are authentically you.

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